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S/3 Natural Bamboo Handle Cheese Knives in Gift Box

S/3 Natural Bamboo Handle Cheese Knives in Gift Box

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THREE KNIFE VARIETIES: Includes a hard cheese knife, a soft cheese knife, and a pronged knife, catering to different cheese types. Enhance your experience with unique features.

BAMBOO HANDLES AND STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: The combination of bamboo handles and stainless steel blades offers durability and a rustic aesthetic. Elevate your lifestyle with exceptional design.

UNIQUE HAND-CRAFTED QUALITY: Each knife is hand-crafted, highlighting the natural beauty and variations of the bamboo material. Unmatched in elegance and functionality.

GIFT BOX PACKAGING: Arrives in an elegant gift box, making it an ideal present for cheese lovers. Sophisticated design meets optimal functionality. Seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

AN AUTHENTIC AMERICAN STORY. Celebrating 50 years of style, passion, and family. Two's Company is a business that traces its origin back to 1969, when Bob and Bobbie Gottlieb founded the company in their home, and which lives on over forty years later and with a footprint that spans the globe. Always looking for what's new and what's next to delight their customers.

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